Quantcast Removal Procedure - TM-5-3895-382-24_360

TM 5-3895-382-24 1. Inspect the condition of the gasket for the fuel injection pump.  Replace the gasket, if necessary. Illustration 34 2. Install the gasket and fuel injection pump (5). NOTE:    Align marks (4) that are on fuel injection pump (5) and the timing gear cover. 3. Install the key. 4. Install three nuts (6) that hold fuel injection pump (5) in position. 5. Connect hose (7) to fuel injection pump (5). 6. Engage the gear with the fuel injection pump. Illustration 35 7. Install the lockwasher and nut (3). Illustration 36 8. Install cover (2) and four bolts (1). NOTE:    Some  engines  have  four  tamper  proof  bolts  (1). Use Tool (A) in order to install the four bolts. 9. Set the timing of the fuel injection pump.  Refer to the Testing and Adjusting Module for the correct procedure. End By: a. Install  the  fuel  injection  lines.    Refer  to  Disassembly and Assembly, "Fuel Injection Lines - Install". b. Install  the  water  pump.    Refer  to  Disassembly  and Assembly, "Water Pump - Install". Fuel  Injection  Pump  -  Remove  (Type  2  Engines  and 7BJ Engines) SMCS Code: 1251-011 Removal Procedure Table 3 Required Tools Tool Part Number Part Description Qty 150-3992 Timing Pin(1) 1 A 150-3993 Timing Pin(2) 1 (2) Required to install Bosch fuel injection pumps. (3) Required  to  install  Lucas  and  Stanadyne  fuel  injection pumps. 7-17


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