Quantcast Pressure Test Location

TM 5-3895-383-24 Pressure Test Location (1) Plug. The  1U5470  Engine  Pressure  Group  has  a  gauge  to  read pressure in the inlet manifold.  Special Instruction, SEHS8524, is with the tool group and gives instruction for its use. Exhaust Temperature Tools Needed 1U8865 Infrared Thermometer 1 Use   the   1U8865   Infrared   Thermometer   to   check   exhaust temperature.      The   Operators   Manual,   NEHS0510,   for   the 1U8865  Infrared  Thermometer  gives  complete  operating  and maintenance instructions for this tool. Engine Blow-By (Air Flow) Tools Needed 8T2700 indicator Group (Engine Blow-By/Air Flow) 1 Pistons  or  rings  that  have  damage  can  be  the  cause  of  too much pressure in the crankcase.  This condition will cause the engine to run rough.  There will also be more than the normal amount    of    fumes    (blow-by)    coming    from    the    crankcase breather.    The  breather  can  then  become  restricted  in  a  very short time, causing oil leakage at gaskets and seals that would not normally have leakage.  Other sources of blow-by can be worn valve guides or turbocharger seal leakage. 8T2700 Indicator Group The  8T2700  Indicator  Group  is  used  to  check  the  amount  of blow-by.        The    test    procedure    is    in    Special    Instruction, SEHS8712. Compression An  engine  that  runs  rough  can  have  a  leak  at  the  valves,  or have valves that need adjustment.  Removal of the head and inspection  of  the  valves  and  valve  seats  is  necessary  to  find those  small  defects  that  do  not  normally  cause  a  problem. Repair of these problems is normally done when reconditioning the engine. Cylinder Head The  cylinder  head  has  valve  seat  inserts,  valve  guides  and brass  sleeves  that  can  be  removed  when  they  are  worn  or have  damage.    Replacement  of  these  components  can  be made with available service tool groups that are referred to in the Disassembly And Assembly procedure, SENR3611. Valve Lash Valve lash is measured between the rocker arm and the valve. All  lash  measurements  and  adjustments  must  be  made  with the engine stopped, and with the valves FULLY CLOSED. 6-77


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