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TM 5-3895-382-24 Caterpillar Lubricating Grease The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) classifies   grease,   based   on   ASTM   D217-68   Worked Penetration  characteristics.    Grease  characteristics  are given a defined consistency number. Caterpillar has grease and lubricants for all applications. Your  Caterpillar  dealer  can  provide  you  with  complete information   regarding   the   different   types   and   sizes   of Caterpillar lubrication and special application products. CATERPILLAR LUBRICATING GREASE Part Number Item Size 2S-3230 Bearing Lubricant 411 g (14.5 oz) 5P-0960 Molybdenum Grease 2 411 g (14.5 oz) 1P-0808 All-Purpose Lubricant 2 411 g (14.5 oz) 4C-4774 Water and Temperature Resistant Grease 4 454 g (16 oz) 1NLGI No.  2 Grade services heavily loaded ball bearings and roller bearings that are operating at high speeds, at extreme pressure,     and     at     temperatures     from     -34     to     163C (-18 to 300F).  Use this grease for bearings in the following components   electric   motors,   fan   dives,   starting   motors, alternators  and  generators.    Also  use  this  grease  to  pack similar bearings in many other applications. 2NGLI No.  2 Grade contains three percent of molybdenum disulfide   to   five   percent   of   molybdenum   disulfide.      This grease    is    a    multipurpose    grease    with    an    operating temperature range from -28C to 149C (-18F to 300F). 3NGLI   No.      2   Grade   of   lithium   grease   has   mechanical stability.    This  grease  resists  oxidation.    This  grease  also protects  the  components  from  rust  This  grease  also  has excellent  breakaway  torque.    This  grease  is  for  light-duty applications.        For    example,    this    grease    is    suited    for automotive applications.  This grease is for temperatures up to 175C (350F). 4NLGI No.  2 Grade is highly resistant to water.  This grease meets the ASTM D-1264 “Water Washout Test” requirement. This grease resists low temperatures and high temperatures. This  grease  has  a  starting  torque  at  40C  (-40F).    This grease is not a fluid at 316C (600F). Caterpillar Specialty Lubricants SPECIAL PURPOSE CATERPILLAR LUBRICANTS Part Number Item Size 6V-4876 Molykote Paste Lubricant 1 500 g (17.6 oz) 5P-3931 High Temperature Anti-Sieze 2 150 g (5.3 oz) 1This     lubricant     is     recommended     for     use     on     typical components such as head bolt threads and washers. 2This lubricant is recommended for mating connectors such as exhaust manifold studs and exhaust manifold nuts. Gear Oil (GO) Cat Gear Oil (GO) Cat   Gear   Oil   offer   maximum   protection   against   the scoring   and   pitting   of   gear   teeth   and   rolling   element bearings. Cat  Gear  Oil  can  also  provide  excellent  stability  under high    temperature    conditions    and    has    superior    low temperature   performance.      It   will   also   give   protection against rust and corrosion. For    those    components    needing    oils    with    extreme pressure  (EP)  additives  in  severe  boundary  lubrication, the  gear  type  oils  provide  this  extra  protection.    The  EP additive  is  deposited  as  a  solid  film  lubricant  in  heavily loaded gear and bearing areas for added protection. Commercial Oils If Cat Gear Oil cannot be used, select an oil that meets: API GL-5 specification oil MIL-L-2105C specification oil Maintenance Section Lubricant Specifications 1-41


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